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Pocket Talkit 1.2

Pocket Talkit 1.2

Pocket Talkit Publisher's Description

Pocket Talkit was written for the mobile user who does not always find it convenient to use a stylus to enter and retrieve information from their Pocket PC.

With Pocket Talkit information can be accessed without a stylus. This information is then verbally read back to you so that visual eye contact with the device is not necessary. The user interface is designed so that you can access most menus/items with a touch of the finger.

Pocket Talkit consists of several key applications that make it easier to enter and retrieve the information you want while on the go. These applications integrate with your Pocket PC's built in calendar, contacts, and voice recorder.

Pocket Talkit can be installed and run from main memory or a storage card.

Phone Number Reader:
The phone number reader will generate the DTMF (dial tone modulating frequencies) tones used by your telephone. When you play these tones into the handset of most telephones, the phone will dial. Great for when you don't want to dial long phone numbers or calling cards(securely enter without someone looking at what you are typing)

Contact Dialer:
Integrates with your Pocket PC's current contacts database. Have phone numbers dialed or read back to you. This prevents you from fumbling around reading the number and trying to dial your phone at the same time.

CALL MODE - is used to change between dialing a number as a local or long distance call by adding or removing a 1 before tone dialing it.

TALKIT - reads the currently selected phone number back to you 1 to 3 times (depending on how you have set this under the Configure Menu).

TONE DIAL - tone dials the currently selected phone number for you. Hold the speaker of your Pocket PC up to the mouth piece of a standard dial tone phone and press the button.

If you require a pause/delay between tone dialing numbers add a comma(,) for every second you need to pause to the appropriate place in the phone number.

Phone Pad:
Ever find yourself without a dial tone phone? Need to navigate your voice mail system or other phone systems that require you to enter touch tones? Use the Phone Pad.

ADD PAUSE - for every time pressed a 1 second delay is made. Visually pauses appear as commas(,)

CLEAR - clear the phone pad window.

DIAL - tone dials the currently selected phone number for you. Hold the speaker of your Pocket PC up to the mouth piece of a standard dial tone phone and press the button.

Manage Voice Memos:
This utility is designed to help manage the sound files you have created using the voice recorder on your Pocket PC. You can review or delete a sound file by selecting one that has been saved to Main Memory or your Storage Card(if applicable) and pressing the appropriate button. If you record a file while under the Manage Voice Memos menu press the 'Refresh' button to get the most up to date display of files.

Easy Add Appointment
This application allows you to easily add an appointment to your calendar without using the stylus to enter it. Useful for those times when you can't stop and pull out a stylus and enter in information but need to enter an appointment/reminder.

Select the Year, Month, Day, Start time, End Time, Subject. Don't like the pre-defined subjects? Click on the Custom Subject button and a full screen keyboard appears that can be used with your fingers.

Read My Schedule
Consists of three sections:

(1)Select a day from your schedule to review. Select the Year, Month, Day and have Pocket Talkit read back the time and dates of appointments for that day.
(2)Have Pocket Talkit find your next scheduled day of appointments and read the time and dates of them back to you. This is convenient for when you do not want to search through your calendar to find out when your next appointment is.
(3)Schedule overview will show you every appointment you have entered into your Calendar. This can be used to quickly scan over all your past and future appointments. It is also helpful when you want to find and remove appointments that you no longer require. Once displayed you can also select an appointment and have the time and date read back to you.

Read Talkit Clipboard:
The clipboard can be used to read back key pieces of information to you. The text to be read back can be entered/edited under the second menu(2/2) of the Configure Tab. Some uses for the clipboard could include: learning how to spell a persons name, remembering a mathematical/scientific formula, recording numbers/dates/times to reference.

System Statistics:
Will read back the current date and time, amount of program memory used, main disk space free, storage card disk space free, and battery power remaining on your Pocket PC. This allows you to quickly get statistics about your system without having to navigate several menus to get it. You can turn off/on items to be read back under the second menu(2/2) of the Configure Tab.

Configure Tab:
Save Settings - will save all configuration settings on both pages.

Reset Values - resets all configuration values on both pages back to factory default.

(1/2) or (2/2) - switch between page one and two of the configuration settings.

Starting Volume - the volume level you want your Pocket PC to be at when starting Pocket Talkit.

Exiting Volume - the volume level you want your Pocket PC to be at when exiting Pocket Talkit.

Spell Appointment Subjects - choose to have Pocket Talkit spell the subject line of an appointment or simply say 'appointment at' when reading your schedule back to you.

Clear The Screen Displays - once an item is read back to you and displayed on the screen, choose to clear the screen display when reading and displaying the next item or leave the current item displayed and add the next item underneath the current item.

Confirm Deletion Of Memos - turn on and off the confirmation of deleting a voice memo.

Talkit Guidance Level - will give you more or less verbal guidance when navigating through the menu system.

Read Phone Numbers - select the number of times a phone number is read back to you from the Phone Number Reader. This can be useful if you find that reading the number back to you once is not enough.
Talkit Clipboard - copy/cut/type information (names, formulas, dates, times, numbers, etc.) that you want spelled back to you.

System Statistical Values to read - turn off/on the values you want read back to you when pressing the System Statistics button from the main menu.

Restore Your Original Regional Settings - this item should only be selected when you wish to revert back to your old regional settings if they where changed due to an incompatibility(not English-United States standards)with Pocket Talkit when it was first run. If you do not understand what the above means you probably are using a English-United States compatible Pocket PC and there is no need to push this button, because your settings already are compliant with the Pocket Talkit application.

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